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About Us

Urban Forum is an independent, national membership charity that supports communities in having a better say over the decisions affecting them. We work with and through our members to influence government policy and support them to have a stronger community influence on decision-making in their areas. We receive no funding from government to support our work, which helps us maintain our independence and objectivity.


We have over 900 members, mostly from local community groups from across England, although we also have associate members from the private such as start up sell iphone 7 and public sector and academia.

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Our Strategic Priorities:

1) Effective local governance and neighbourhoods
2) Improved diversity, equalities and cohesion
3) Enhanced places and the built environment
4) Strengthened impact assessment

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Our Work
We undertake a range of activities designed to achieve our four strategic objectives, including; research and policy work, events and outreach, publications and information.

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We are a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We are a member-led organisation, with a Board of Trustees that are elected from the membership to govern the organisation.

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Our Values and Our Approach
A set of values and principles developed collectively by trustees and staff, guide and inform our work. They help define our priorities and underpin all that we do and how we do it.

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Urban Forum was set up in 1994 to reflect the views of community and voluntary organisations with an interest in urban and regional policy, especially regeneration.

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